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Diabolik Lovers; whom should I write about? [I want to write about Diabolis, but I'm not sure about who as of now, help! :)

2 deviants said Kanato
2 deviants said Shu
1 deviant said Ayato
1 deviant said Raito
1 deviant said Subaru
No deviants said Reiji

Last Update: [December 20th, 2014]

This journal will be often updated with news of me and my fictions, my ideas and how my stories are coming along.

My page now has a donation pool for renewing my Membership.

Highlighting a to-be contest from iEnterContests Contest Ideas?Hello! So I've been working on earning some points, and I think I finally have enough for a small reader insert (RI) contest! ^^ (I only have 71 points so far) I'm not sure how I'm going to divvy up the points yet, but I'm thinking of having a top three and an honorable mention ^^ So, without further adieu~
My ideas for themes
:bulletred:Love for Lessers:bulletred: Basically a oneshot for a character that doesn't have many RIs. (Ex. Futa from KHR and Ryuji from AnE)
:bulletorange:Yandere Heaven:bulletorange: Like the name suggests, take any character and make them yandere.
:bulletyellow:Merry Christmas?:bulletyellow: An anime Christmas with some kind of unexpected twist. It can be minor or major and with basically any theme. (It would be a short deadline though).
:bulletgreen: Haikyuu
:bulletblue: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
:bulletpurple: Free! Iwatobi and Eternal Summer
:bulletred: Blue Exorcist
[Bullet; Orange] Hetalia (and 2P)
[Bullet; Yellow] Durarara


       See my list of series at the bottom of this journal for insight on what I'm willing to write! (I'm also willing to write about an OC, if enough information is provided!)

    Alas, both slots are taken!

                    Attention! :iconfoxninjaplz: 
  • I will definitely write either female/male reader.
  • I will write with two canon characters at the most.
  • I will not write about every single character in the series, so you must ask (For example, I will NOT write about Eren Jaeger, because I know someone else can definitely do it better than me!)!
  • I will not write AU.
First slot: Superpluplush - ?
Second slot: CrimsonSilence91 - Hyuuga Junpei (Kuroko no Basuke)

Please check out my new Questions section below!

Haru Mako Rei Hazu Dance [V1] Megaphone Current/Hot Questions:

        Bullet; Orange If I wrote reader insert stories about ORIGINAL characters, would somebody read them if the topic was interesting?
        Bullet; Orange Do people actually read this journal?
        Bullet; Orange Are reader fictions featuring a male reader popular? New(17th Dec)
        Bullet; Orange Should I make a series list so people could perhaps make requests? (SEE THE LIST AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS JOURNAL)

Mostly I've taken on Kuroko no Basuke, but I have other things I'm working on as well. I haven't had a will to write for a long time, but now I actually can and am. I feel I should write a fiction about Reiner Braun for the lady that relight my fire to write, Reiner-X-Atashi.

I have added a list of series, games and TV shows that I know well enough to write about. When I take requests I will announce it, otherwise it's a guideline to what kind of work you will see on my page.

Currently, my work list is: Coffee Machine Milk, which goes quite well with cookies 

Star!  - Finished  Half Star  - Under way  No Star  - Just an idea or draft, or to be made

If you want, you can comment on which one should I focus on finishing first. I'll see what I can do. :)

Spotlight You can find me on Archive of Our Own as scarletshackles. I cannot post direct links, my apologies.Spotlight

Kuroko no Basuke

Kise Ryouta x reader (Kuroko no Basuke) - Someone's Gonna Light You Up Star! Alternative, full version available on Archive with my username scarletshackles.

Someone Is Gonna Light You Up - Kise Ryouta|YouIt was a beautiful, chilly morning. You breathed in deep and smelled the fresh air. Your third year in Kaijō High was starting today. Casually, you walked through the familiar gates to school. Only one more year and you were home free. You smiled to yourself appreciatively and kept walking. There were a lot of students crowded around the courtyard, along with the infamous Kise Ryōta. He was tall, blonde and played basketball with a lot of success in Kaijō High's team. He was a member of the Generation of Miracles. His eyelashes were long - enough to make any girl jealous. Not to mention those amber eyes he had. As per usual, he was surrounded by girls asking him questions and pestering him for dates. His final year had started busy.
"Girls, girls," Kise tried to calm them. "I should get to class."
He flashed them his signature smile, causing the most hardcore fans to faint in their friends' arms. You scoffed at the sight and kept walking. Your pace instinctively became f

Aomine Daiki x reader (Kuroko no Basuke) - Wipe Your Tears Star! Competition entry for Kuroko-No-Fanfiction. Very angsty.

Wipe Your Tears - Aomine Daiki|YouYour head hurt. A numbing, throbbing pain pounded the back of your head at a steady pace. Your eyes forced open after which you felt like had been a thousand years of slumber. You saw a little bit of blue, white and tan colors. The sight sharpened and you saw Aomine Daiki hovering over you.
"You idiot!" he shouted at the top of his athlete lungs to you, intensifying the pain you felt. "What have you done!"
You wondered the same. You didn't know where you were. You attempted to sit, but strength had left your body. You lifted your arm, seeing a series of tubes attached to you. Then it hit you home. You looked around you drowsily. It was a hospital bed you laid on.
"Do you even know what you've put me through, shit!"
Aomine's voice shook your ear drums. Your eyes returned to him, seeing tears in his eyes. It wasn't often that he was like this. So why now?
"A-aomine..." you managed to mutter, your voice weaker than you had thought it to be.
"Daiki," he corrected whilst wiping his eyes on

Murasakibara Atsushi x reader (Kuroko no Basuke) - I Don't Like Shorties Half Star Coming soon~

PREVIEW! - Murasakibara Atsushi|You

Akashi Seijurou x reader (Kuroko no Basuke) - Tsukiakari Half Star

Kasamatsu Yukio x reader (Kuroko no Basuke) - Sparks Half Star This will only be published on my Archive account.

Midorima Shintarou x reader (Kuroko no Basuke) - Steam Half Star

Kasamatsu Yukio x Kise Ryouta (Kuroko no Basuke) - Getting brave No Star

Running Away... (Kuroko no Basuke)
This will be a series of short fictions featuring Reader running away from Kuroko no Basuke characters, for a reason or another. Mostly for annoying them. Which characters should I add? I am planning to do full generation of Miracles and Hanamiya Makoto, at least.
    -Murasakibara Atsushi No Star
    -Aomine Daiki No Star


Matsuoka Rin x reader (Free!) - Thievery of Hearts Star!

Thievery of Hearts - Matsuoka Rin|YouYour shift at work had been peskily prolonged by a few customers deciding to stay a little too long. It was now 4.30am on a Saturday night and you were finally on your way home from the local pub you worked at as a waitress. The night was chilly, the autumn had struck much quicker than the town residents had realised. The streets were empty save for a few drunks headed home. You folded your arms against you in attempt to keep warm.
"Grab her!"
A voice sounded from behind you. In a matter of seconds, you felt two arms wrap around you violently. You tried to scream, but a hand gagged you before your reaction. Panic flowed in from every corner of your brain as you saw another man circle to your front. The other, that you didn't see, was still tightly holding you in place. With your eyes wide, you winced when you realised the free handed man giving some signal to move you out of the light of the lamp post. The man behind you dragged you along, your struggles ignored. His arms were too stro

Ryūgazaki Rei x reader (Free!) - Oxygen Star!

Oxygen - Ryugazaki Rei|You"O2 intake rapidly increasing... cheeks warming, a poppy red color..." Rei muttered to himself.
He had heard of this phenomenon. It was called developing a crush, or falling in love as its next level was.
"But it's not even near as beautiful as I thought!" he cried, books and movies truly made it seem like so much more.
You watched the bluehaired boy having this pained expression on his face as he pulled his hair with his fingers, his friends standing next to him. You couldn't hear what he was saying, but he clearly seemed upset. You tilted your head with a perplexed look on your face. Deciding not to bother yourself, you turned on your heel and continued your interrupted walk down the hallway towards your last class of the day.
"What a weirdo..." you mused to yourself, sighing.
During your last class, nothing of major interest happened. You couldn't wait for the bell to ring and dismiss you, today your school's baseball team had a practice match against one of the neighboring schools.

Mikoshiba Seijuro x reader (Free!) - Say It Half Star

Shingeki no Kyojin

Ackerman Levi x reader (Shingeki no Kyojin) - Kämpfen. Überleben. Leben. Star! Finally finished! Took me an awfully long time. May add a second chapter in the future.

Kampfen. Uberleben. Leben. - Levi Ackerman|YouYour heart was pounding in a fast pace. A pace you recognized all too well. Fear rushed through you as you looked around you. You seemed to be in a form of prison block. It was dark and your wrists felt cold. Your head turned towards your hands that were cuffed tightly. Giving them an experimental pull, you stated that they wouldn't be coming off. You laid on an uncomfortable bed with a considerable headache. You noticed you no longer smelled like filth and your clothes had been changed. At least one of your ribs was broken, movement hurt your body. If you didn't feel exhausted, you would've panicked right about now. However you didn't remember the whole story of you being there in that bed. Your head stung when you tried thinking back on the last moments.
"You're awake," you heard a voice.
Your eyes traveled from your pale wrists to the cell door. A woman stood by the bars, a brunette with glasses. She had a goofy, scary look on her pretty face.
"My name is Hanji Zoe," she suddenly in

Arlert Armin x reader (Shingeki no Kyojin) - Less Talk Star!

Less Talk - Armin Arlert|You"Armin!"
You called the pretty blonde's name time and time again. He wouldn't respond, since he was sound asleep by his desk on top of an open book. You tiptoed over and watched him sleep soundly, you hadn't seen him sleep so peacefully in a while. Deciding to let him sleep and turning to leave, you heard him shift in his awkward sitting position and mumble.
Unsure whether or not he was really awake, you turned around again to look at his face. His eyelids were half open, drowsy.
"____? Is that you?" he said with his voice meek.
"Yes, Armin, it's me," you answered him in a hushed voice.
"H-how long was I asleep?" he suddenly sat up, seeing the book underneath his face. "Ah the page is ruined!"
Armin had just drooled on the page in his sleep. He seemed to find it upsetting, considering how he begun to dry the paper off on his white shirt's sleeve. At least he had taken off all the uniform's straps and his jacket before he buried himself in his book.
"Perhaps, a few ho

Braun Reiner (Shingeki no Kyojin) No Star


Yogi x reader (Karneval) - Cotton Candy Star!

Cotton Candy - Yogi|You"No."
You denied his puppy dog face.
"But ____-chan!" he pleaded once more.
"I said. No."
You refused to give in to that look. You always did.
"But, but I wanted to go visit the Nyanperowna shop!"
"Yogi, I told you many times, I'm not visiting that cancer-y shop," you bluntly denied him for the hundredth time.
"W-whaat! How could you say that!" he gasped with wide eyes.
"I said it's cancer-y. It kills my eyes."
"You're terrible, ____-chan!" Yogi cried. "How can you smile to people when you perform!"
"Easily," you said with a finger on your lip. "Like this."
You showcased your best smile you gave to the audience every time you performed with Circus. Yogi looked at you with a confused, upset face. He had refused to give up going to the cat mascot shop all afternoon. On top of that, he couldn't believe you could pretend to smile to people. He loved people, he loved entertaining them. He loved his Nyanperowna self.
"T-e-r-r-i-b-l-e!" he phrased with his fists balled.
"The people don't mind

And few more pending re-reading and finishing, +surprises No Star 

I have been considering making a sort of series for the Generation of Miracles+Kagami, such as the "Seven Deadly Sins", or a similar idea to that. Would it be worth doing?

I can't really say I'm open for requests - I can't guarantee finishing them by any means. I am very on and off with my writing drive. I won't turn down ideas and wants though. If you don't pressure me and are patient, I may consider your suggestion!

I'm considering making the Akashi fiction for you 2n31 after I am done with at least one of these first!

After all, I am making it as we agreed. :D

Jamming to mah stereo important part of life  Scarlet


Yukio stamp by Superpluplush

List of series and games I know well enough to write about: (TO BE UPDATED)

(Character restrictions may apply)
Please consider that characters similar to my personality and my absolute favorite characters may come out better than some others, although I try to get to know every character I write about.
Shingeki no Kyojin
Kuroko no Basuke
Diabolik Lovers
Digimon Adventure
Digimon Savers
Digimon 02
Starry☆Sky~in Spring~ (Technically this goes to both categories, anime and games. I however played the VN game.)
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Left 4 Dead 1 (2)
TV Series/Movies:
BBC Musketeers
BBC Merlin
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