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List of series and games I know well enough to write about:
(Character restrictions may apply)
Please consider that characters similar to my personality and my absolute favorite characters may come out better than some others, although I try to get to know every character I write about.

Akuma no Riddle
Area no Kishi (With small reservation to how much I know of the characters.)
Arslan Senki :new:
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!
Death Parade
Diabolik Lovers
Digimon Adventure
Digimon Adventure Tri :new:
Digimon Savers
Digimon 02
Dragon Ball Z
Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru
Free! (No Eternal Summer)
Ixion Saga DT :new:
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Kuroko no Basuke
Love Stage!
Magi: Labyrinth
Mirai Nikki
Nanatsu no Taizai
No Game No Life
Orenchi no Furo Jirou :new:
Owari no Seraph :new:
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Rokka no Yuusha :new:
Sengoku Basara (Restricted to the characters that appear in the anime.)
Senki Zesshou Symphogear (+G and GX) :new:
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shinmai Maou no Testament :new:
S.L.H. (Stray Love Hearts)
Tokyo Ghoul
Zankyou no Terror
Zetsuen no Tempest
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Dragon Age (No Inquisition)
Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi (Technically this goes to both categories, anime and games. I however played the VN game first.)
Left 4 Dead 1 (2)
Mass Effect
Starry☆Sky~in Spring~ (Technically this goes to both categories, anime and games. I however played the VN game.)
TV Series/Movies:
BBC Musketeers
BBC Merlin
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead

ReaderInsert related information. "&" mark for two romance interests or more.
In progress:
Things well underway, minus surprise posts.
Saitō Hajime&Toshizo Hijikata [Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi] - Season of Love
Murasakibara Atsushi&Himuro Tatsuya [Kuroko no Basuke] - ?
Jean Kirschtein [Shingeki no Kyojin] - The Pain Of Becoming Brave
+random vampire stuff
Requests to-do:
If I have promised you a request and it's not here, please remind me, since I've forgotten due to my poor memory capacity.
Nagakura Shinpachi&Tōdō Heisuke [Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi] - Challenge Accepted
Katakura Kojūrō|Reader [Sengoku Basara] -
Things to consider.
-More Levi Ackerman
-Practice with more than one canon character
-A lot more hated characters, I have a skill to make them lovable!
-100 (or 50) challenge
-Continuing "Running Away"
-Dragon Ball Z
-S.L.H. (Stray Love Hearts)
-Loki from Avengers


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Which one, according to you, a friend or a test/quiz, of the seven cardinal sins represents you the most accurately? Mine's wrath! 

6 deviants said Sloth
3 deviants said Wrath
3 deviants said Lust
3 deviants said Greed
2 deviants said Envy
2 deviants said Pride/Vanity
1 deviant said Gluttony

50 Signs You're A Coffee Addict

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 5:42 AM

Borrowed this from an article and modified into a survey:

 50 Signs You’re A Coffee Addict
Nico Lang

This could be a fun little update about me, to you. How are you guys doing, anyway?

    1. You pregame coffee with coffee or other forms of caffeine. [✓]
Yeap, I definitely do this. "Oh, let me just have some coffee before we go have some coffee." or "Wait, let me grab my caffeinated gum." That's so me...
    2. You were once seen shotgunning a Diet Coke outside of a café to prepare for drinking more coffee inside. [ ]
A diet coke? Who drinks that shit? But I do some crazy things, yes.
    3. You make it a rule to have coffee before any important coffee meeting, because you want to already be alert and perky in advance. [✓]
Yes, totally what I said before... I do this. All the time.
   4. You leave some of the coffee you drank before bed on your nightstand, just so you have coffee ready at the moment you wake up. [ ]
We are not beyond walking to the machine yet.
   5. You prefer to date other coffee drinkers because their mouth tastes like coffee. [✓]
   6. You have strongly considered hooking yourself up to an IV filled with coffee and carrying it around with you at all times. [✓]
I dream of this day. In my dreams. And stuff.
  7.  Your formula for making your own coffee is two bags of coffee per cup of water. [✓]
I'll check it, since I do it semi-regularly.
  8.  You make your coffee so strong no one else will drink it and other people will actually beg you not to make coffee. [ ]
I love coffee. That does not mean I will go out of my way to make other people not enjoy it.
   9. You work at a soup kitchen not just because you want to help people but also because it’s an endless hook up for free coffee. [ ]
I've worked in a place where we could have almost endless coffee but not a soup kitchen. I swear, it's bad for me. But then again... if I can't get coffee at the work place, I'll go out on a break to get some elsewhere.
  10.  You look at your expenses for the month and see that you spend more on coffee than clothing or food. [✓]
On occasion, yes.
  11. You sneak coffee into bars, movie theaters and sometimes sex. [ ]
No, but I wish I did.
  12. You’ve ever taken a break during sex to “caff up.” [✓]
Sounds like a terrible confession, but yeah.
   13. You know what “caff up” means and can say it without laughing. [✓]
  14. You sometimes color coordinate your coffee thermos with what you are wearing that day. [ ]
Just... no.
  15. You openly judge others on their coffee orders and are vehemently anti-Frappucino. [✓]
I recognize myself in this one, mhmm, yes I do.
   16. You drink Frappucinos anyway, when life gets desperate and you really need any caffeine. [✓]
And sadly, this is correct.
  17.  You like your coffee like you like your men. In any form you can get it. [ ]
I'm only desperate for coffee.
  18. You have recurring sexual fantasies or sexual daydreams that involve coffee. [✓]
Oh man... do I really have to check this for all the world to see? I guess I do. Honesty for the victory. :thumbsup:
  19. You would marry coffee, if coffee were a person. [✓]
Already sort of married to it, so yes, yes...
  20. You go to pick up coffee beans at the store to grind and a large number of them don’t make it back to your home, because you ate them. [✓]
I eat coffee beans with ice cream.
  21. You learned how to brew your own coffee before you learned how to cook. [ ]
No, that was not an important life skill by the time. I learned how to make food rather early in my life, at 13.
   22. You sing Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” at karaoke and mentally dedicate it to coffee. [ ]
I would do this. I really would. Reminds me, my coffee is done just now.
   23. You have dated numerous baristas because of their proximity to free coffee. [ ]
No, I wouldn't date someone because of what they do. I mean, it helps to meet them. But it's not a reason.
   24. You would get turned on when your ex came home from work smelling of the brew. [✓]
Yep. I would. But this has never happened so far. It'd be like "Get in the bed, now.". P.S. I love how it's assumed I'm single and dating my coffee. :XD:
   25. You have gotten a number of your friends addicted to coffee, because people who are around you always end up drinking it more often than they ever would elsewhere. [✓]
Rings true my friends. Beware, I am a dangerous missionary of all that is sacred in coffee.
  26. You don’t believe in wasting coffee and have actually stopped others from pouring it out by shouting, “No coffee left behind!” [✓]
I have. How embarrassing.
  27. You always tell waiters they can just “leave the pot.” [ ]
It's not a custom here. So I wouldn't ask. We have a very self-serving way of doing things in Finland. If I could get away with saying so, I would.
   28. You will probably put on your tombstone: “Keep it coming.” [✓]
Dis. I want this.
  29. You plan to be buried with a to-go cup in your hand. [ ]
Not my plan, but an idea now.
  30. You spend more time at the café closest to your house than you do at your apartment. [ ]
If only I was wealthy, and not a pet owner, it's possible. I'm more like the "grab one to go so I won't buy another one" type.
   31. You are on a first-name basis with most of the people that work at said café, their immediate family members, their children and their friends. [ ]
People know me at the coffee house, surely. But names have never been thrown.
  32. You have your family, your chosen family and your “coffee family.” [✓]
Don't touch my caffeinated family.
  33. You don’t take cream in your coffee because it leaves less room for the coffee. [ ]
No, I enjoy coffee in all of its forms.
  34. You don’t believe in Americano because you would just prefer a cup full of espresso and started ordering red eyes so there will be no superfluous water in your cup. [✓]
Yeah, I'd rather drink espresso, or something else, than half water half espresso.
  35. You don’t believe in Santa Claus; you believe in Juan Valdez. [✓]
Ah, the Colombian coffee symbol. Yep, yep, Santa, you blow.
  36. You can order a tall blonde with a red eye and know nothing bad is happening. [✓]
   37. You have named your mugs. [ ]
I think it's VERY creepy to name inanimate objects, unless they are toys.
  38. You don’t remember what life before coffee was like. [✓]
I started when I was 12. Coffee has walked this life with me.
   39. You plan on — if you ever win an Oscar — thanking coffee in your acceptance speech. [✓]
All hail.
  40. You secretly don’t see the point of tea. [✓]
(Sorry guys!)
  41. You once tried to give up coffee and replaced caffeine with crying spontaneously. [ ]
No, I actually just passed out from the head pain.
  42. You once asked if you could order your coffee “by the barrel.” (They said no.) [ ]
I could, online.
  43. You know who the CEOs of Starbucks, Caribou Coffee and Intelligentsia are without looking. [ ]
Okay. This breaks my heart. There are only 2 Starbucks' in Finland, and they are limited. And far away. And the later two, I don't recognize as chains.
   44. You are known to be a regular at multiple cafes. [✓]
   45. You know all of the banks in a ten-mile radius that leave out free coffee for their guests. [✓]
Yeah. Here, they pretty much don't. So.
   46. You have strongly considered asking a barista to just pour the coffee directly in your mouth. [✓]
"Strongly considered", considered I have.
  47. You can’t get that addicted to smoking or alcohol, because you only have room for one addiction in your life. [✓]
   48. Your body is 80% coffee, 20% thinking about how to get more coffee. [✓]
Coffee Machine Coffeecup 
  49. Your blood pressure is probably through the roof. [✓]
It should be, but last time checked it was thankfully alright.
  50. You might have a problem. [✓]
I hear this all the time. :giggle:

So, I scored 32 out of 50!

I expected the last claim/question to be "You stopped halfway through this article to make coffee" -> the answer would have been yes. Guilty as charged.

Look at your senpai being completely taken in by this marvelous substance. LOOK AT IT. I'm happily addicted. Okay?

How about you guys? Anyone else out there that's as amorous about coffee as myself? I'll definitely have coffee as my Valentine next year, too.

By the way this anime (Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?) was super cute. And it has coffee.

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  • Listening to: Computer fan
  • Drinking: A cup of warm coffee.


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