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I am too lazy to thank for favorites. But I appreciate all of them. :happybounce: Sometimes I drop llamas as thank yous!

I don't favorite anyone's work "back" out of obligation or returning the favor. I take a stroll around while giving llamas if I have time.

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If I watch you, I don't expect you to watch me back!


Fantastic soft colored photograph of apple flowers. I personally like the angle of the shot very much and how the layout turned out. An...

by svanha

Overall this piece of art is very rich in detail and doesn't appear lacking with its many particles. The posture is creative and origin...


My new Doberman, Loki (from the Rockslope's kennel), has come home on the 13th. The breeder reckons he will grow out to be a big boy, his weight ranging between 45-50kg as an adult. It's been a hard road waking up at night to crying and to take him pee. It's finally starting to calm and I can sleep a little more. He's been a real sweetheart (for now). He already knows sit and waits for his food bowl patiently. We've also practiced getting off the couch on command. He's doing good with his housebreaking as well! He lets me cut his nails very easily and just stares at me with his button eyes as long as he keeps getting biscuits. He isn't afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but wants to play with it. We've practiced ear cleaning and he lets me do that too. Leash walking is rather easy, he keenly follows me at his age.

Showers he really doesn't like, but if you step on ze pee you gotta take the shower too!

Next week he's going to be 10 weeks! I'm taking a sitting picture of him every Wednesday to keep track of his growth. He's super cute, but I can't wait till he grows. He is going to be handsome. And well-behaved, I will make sure of that. :nod:

Information on his parents!

Sadly, his father passed a few weeks after the birth of the puppies and I didn't get to meet him. :(

All These New Things by Heartshackles Like A Sir by Heartshackles Most Gentle by Heartshackles
Here he was playing with my girl's Kong, getting upset that the treats weren't dropping for him.

Like the breeder said to me before, "Your friends will be cut down by half when you get a doberman.". I've been more or less surprised how many people take me as a wuss that won't be able to handle this dog or believe the dog will automatically grow out to be a demon that will kill people. I for one know I'm a tough bone and very determined with training. I take no nonsense and reinforce my own rules frequently. I also provide my dogs with plenty of free run exercise to minimize chaos around the apartment I live in. Regardless, it seems some of my friends don't know me or dog breeds as well as I would've liked to believe. A number of my friends have even been scared to hold the puppy. It's a f****** puppy?
I said to them, "Well, it isn't a necessity to come over. I choose the dog.". I think they should educate themselves better than the news and media that makes anything bigger than it is to have a scoop. People visibly flinch when they ask me what type the new puppy is. When I answer it is a Doberman, they seem to take a step back and say "Oh..." as if I just said someone died. My biggest disappointment is my grandmother's reaction. She said "But those dogs are unpredictable and bite people!". My heart sank. But I asked her to come and see the puppy and rethink her beliefs. She did. And she liked the puppy, even if she was wary of it. I will prove her wrong.
I walked a 45kg German Shepherd-mix dog my family owned when I was only 14 years old. He was in my control. It's all about the person and the way they train and treat the dog, not the dog's own choice to behave aggressively. They don't want to be aggressive. It's stressful for them. Of course, there are behavioral issues that move on with genes.
Then again, there are also people that congratulate me for finally getting a dog I've wanted for a long time. People that aren't scared or discriminating. The breeder carefully selected the people she handed her puppies to. I'm happy she believes I can give Loki a home he deserves. It makes me glad there are people that believe in me and big dogs.

Shame that some people don't see the potential in these dogs. They are beautiful. It's true they aren't for everyone. But they are for someone!



Dog Breeds by SilverToraGeBSL Stamp by t3hsilentone
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The fiercest calm.
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Instant human - just add coffee.

I love games with my soul. I'd sell it to the devil to be able to keep playing.

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Lover of photography and animals - especially dogs.

I like action board games and drawing. I barely post any of them though.

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
— Unknown"

You are all welcome for the favorites, llamas and such. :peace:

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